David Nash

"Nashy's limited appearances last season haven't affected his role as Middlesex social leader and practical joker-in-chief. Part of my signing on welcome last year included threatening texts from a mystery gentleman promising to throw me in the Thames (it turned out to be Nashy). After a series of other Nash hoax phone calls, I interrupted one girl trying to invite me on to a television programme by saying, 'Look, I know you're a friend of Nashy's and he's put you up to this - nice try though.''If that's how you feel, I'll take it as a no. Who's this Nashy bloke?'".

Ed Smith

Key facts

Full Name: David Charles Nash

Born: 19 January 1978, Chertsey, Surrey, England

Role: Right handed bat, wicketkeeper

County Debut: 1997

Capped: 2000

Qualified for England

Nickname(s): Nashy, knocker

Career Statistics

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